A new way of group tasting

Calling all wine students and wine lovers that want to learn how to taste better. Tasting in group and calibrating your tasting notes against others is one of the best ways to learn how to taste. Unfortunately with all the Covid restrictions, tastings are getting scarce and less joyful, and not everyone lives near a tasting group. And although there are many virtual wine events, most are “dry” in both meanings of the word: there is no wine provided and there is very little interactivity.

Our online group tastings take a unique approach:

  • We all taste and analyze the same wines (shipped to you in EU) using the WSET systematic approach to tasting (SAT)
  • We take live votes from all participants, and build a group tasting note.
  • We then discuss the result and give tasting guidance, so you can compare with your own findings and calibrate your palate.
  • At the end we play a fun quiz where you can try to guess the wine and answer some trivia questions. Maybe you will be our next winner?

After the quiz we also provide a short overview of the key factors of the wine and its region of origin, in a format familiar to WSET students. The perfect way to reinforce your knowledge! And after the session we send you a detailed tasting note (see example here), so you can re-taste the wine again afterwards, or catch up in case you missed a session.

We already hosted 6 "seasons" of our mystery tastings, in which each time around 30 people participated, and the feedback was unanimously positive!

Interested? Then join us for our next round...

Vote on the different characteristics of the wine (color, smell and taste aspects) and compare your result with that of the group.
Participate in our quiz: try to guess the grape variety and origin of the wine and answer some trivia questions related to the wine.

Next sessions 

Join us for our much anticipated season on the wines of Italy.

Sessions will be biweekly on Tuesday evenings at 19h30 CET on 9th March, 23rd March and 6th April.

Prices are:
  • €139 for participants in Belgium and Netherlands
  • €149 for most other EU countries

Prices include 6 premium wines, shipment and participation in 3 online tasting sessions. If you miss a session, you will still receive a detailed tasting note and can watch the recording afterwards.

Next up will be Spain as from 27th April, so you can already bookmark your calendars.

Bespoke online tasting?

Would you like to organize an online wine tasting within your company or organization as a corporate incentive, or just among wine-loving friends? We can offer you tailored sessions to fit your needs with the right mix of "edutainment". Please contact us for more details.

What our attendees thought...

  • Great way to continue WSET-style tasting from the comfort of your living room!
  • Very educational and professional tastings with a bit of fun as well.
  • Amazing nice discoveries together with so great learning. Precious to complement my WSET courses.
  • Best virtual wine tasting I have had in a long time. Love these guys!
  • Perfect tasting training and calibration among peers
  • Insightful, fun and quality wines!
  • This beats Zoom yoga! :)

Who are we?

Peter Arijs

A distinction-level WSET Diploma graduate and award winner with a passion for blind tasting, Peter works as an independent wine consultant and educator. Specialized in Spanish Wines, Peter is an educator for the Spanish Wine Scholar program, an ICEX certified Spanish Wine Specialist and a certified Rioja Wine Educator. 


Stijn Verleyen

Stijn's passion for wine resulted in a series of certificates and diplomas, with WSET Diploma (2018) as the (provisional?) end point. Like Peter, he won the Royal Tokaj Prize for his final exam. Furthermore, he is a certified educator for Languedoc-Roussillon. Stijn teaches for Syntra and Winewise, mostly in Brussels.



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